Your Safety is Important!

With the onset of Covid-19, we have taken due precautions to ensure the safety of our customers, employees, vendors and partner-service providers. We request you to take time to read through the following guidelines for your own safety and our technician’s safety when the service is being rendered.


COVID-19 Safety

We follow WHO recommended measures

Precautions taken for Field Engineers

  • Daily Screening with Aarogya Setu
  • Training on Safety and Precautions
  • Sanitise all the Tools used every day
  • Fresh pair of Gloves for each service order
  • Fresh Pair of Face Mask for each service order
  • Hand Sanitiser before and after each Service order

Digital Payments for Additional Hygeine

Customer’s Responsibilities during Service

  • Wear a Face Mask For Your Protection
  • Maintain 6 Feet Distance from Engineer
  • Family Members to stay in Another Room
  • Authorise the Engineer to Sign on your behalf
  • Ask Technician to use Hand Sanitiser, Gloves and Face Mask
  • Clean Equipment and area accessed by Engineer before You use

How We Work During COVID-19

  • Extensive Health Monitoring
  • Providing Assistance to Employees
  • 99% of our Company Works From Home
  • Engineer will not be from Red Zone
  • Engineers report directly from Engineer’s Home to Customer’s Home

Continuous Safety Training

Additional Safety Measures at Office

  • Social Distance at Work
  • Fumigation and Disinfection
  • Temperature and Health Screening Before Entry

100% Face Mask and Gloves